Underground Kayaking & Cave Boat Tours

Red River Gorge Underground

A Unique Adventure Awaits in the Red River Gorge

The opportunities for adventure in the outdoors are endless in the Kentucky River Gorge. Nearby to the campground sites and Red River Gorge cabins is a place called Thrillsville Adventure Park where you can experience a unique adventure such as cave boat tours and underground kayaking. You’ll be able to kayak, or ride along into a flooded limestone quarry. This venue offers something unique that you can’t find anywhere else nearby. We know that you will enjoy your time exploring the Red River Gorge underground by kayak or boat.

Don’t worry, you do not have to journey through the cave all by yourself. You’ll be with a group and an experienced, friendly guide.

Think about what it would be like to journey beneath the Earth’s surface. You can experience this and more at Thrilllsville Adventure Park, during your Red River Gorge camping trip. The awesome underground kayak adventure takes you through the darkness of the Gorge Grotto, a part of the Gorge Underground. The park also features a ropes course that visitors can try out. At Thrillsville you can rent a kayak and be led by an experienced guide. You’ll get to see crystal clear waters and if you bring a bright flashlight, you’ll be able to see fish in the water at the darkest parts of the cave. Guides will allow you to turn off your headlamps. The Gorge is a flooded limestone mine. Guides offer a great deal of history and background on the mine itself. For more information, and ticket prices, be sure to visit The Gorge Underground page on our site.

Red River Gorge Underground Kayaking

Kayaking in a cave is certainly thrilling. The tour guide will provide everything that you need for the trip. Be sure to wear clothes that can get wet, and a jacket if you think that you will get cold. The cave is underground and is a bit cooler than temperatures above ground. Kayak the Underground Red River Gorge for a different type of adventure.

Red River Gorge Cave Boat Tours

Travel below The Gorge in a cave boat tour. We assure you it will be thrilling. The cave boat tours should be on your bucket list. Most all ages and abilities can take part in this fun adventure as a guide navigates the boat for your group. Children must weigh at least 40 pounds in order to participate. Boats hold up to 20 people for the trip. As you meander through the underground cave, a flooded mine, you’ll see all sorts of cool geological features that you wouldn’t be able to see above ground. The excursion is quite educational as well.

The Red River Gorge – a National Archeological District

The Red River Gorge is a 29,000 acre area that is designated as a National Natural Landmark, and a National Archeological District. This region is located inside of the Daniel Boone National Forest.  It is also on the National Register of Historic Places and the 13,000 acre Clifty Wilderness Area is located inside of it.

This network of canyons is home to high cliffs, rock shelters, waterfalls, caves and natural bridges. Because of this many people flock to this area to enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. The gorge contains the largest concentration of natural arches east of the Mississippi River. In fact, due to the multitude of sandstone cliffs this area has become one of the world’s top rock climbing areas, home to the Red River Gorge Climber’s Coalition. It’s steep cliffs and arches are formed along an area of the Cumberland Escarpment on the western edge of the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field. Your group will enjoy staying and playing in the Red River Gorge.

Where to Go in the Red River Gorge

In the area there are a variety of places to stay, things to do, and places to eat.  You can rent Red River Gorge cabins, treehouses for the adventurous types, and Red River Gorge campgrounds for camping. Enjoy exploring the Red River Gorge, and Red River Gorge State Park while you are here. Visit Red River Gorge local restaurants for delicious cuisines. Visit places that you can zipline and explore such as the Nada Tunnel or Balanced Rock in the Natural Bridge State Park.